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Hope you’re all looking forward to an awesome schoolies week in Fiji!!

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  • Teesh xo


    The schoolies helpers were so good to us, we could see that they really cared about making sure we had a good time, they were cool to hang out with too 🙂 I’m glad I chose this event, it turned out to be the best option. Mango Bay resort.. I’ll be back! Thanks Sure thing Schoolies too for making it all happen 🙂

  • Addz


    What a week!! The beach is the best one i’ve seen, and I’m from queensland haha. I loved Fiji schoolies, there’s a lot to do from morning to evening, we have an itinerary of activities and stuff, and could choose to do them or just relax and sunbake. I would recommend to anyone!

  • Christina


    Mango Bay was awesome, there’s SO MUCH to do during the day, we all loved it. We always felt really safe and everyone was friendly, so much fun I wish I could have stayed longer 😉

  • Sass


    yewww. i’m here now. SO SO SO good 🙂

  • Aaron


    Definitely the best place to go for schoolies, theres so much to do that your never bored! Loved the parties on the beach!! My sister is also going this year to Mango Bay Resort for schoolies with Sure Thing Schoolies since I won’t stop talking about how good it was lol. Try the cocktails at 6pm every evening on the beach@!!

  • Leah


    Absolutely gorgeous location and over all good value for money.

  • Nicole


    Fiji atmosphere was incredible, would highly recommend and come back, thank you Sure Thing for such a beautiful experience. Heaps of shopping and tours (and drinks!!!!) and freedom

  • Rebecca


    Had a fabulous time in Fiji. The weather and beaches were amazing and of course 😉 THE NIGHTLIFE!! Don’t get stuck on an island resort for schoolies, stay on the mainland at Mango Bay resort

  • Courtney


    We thoroughly recommend Mango Bay resort to anyone considering coming to Fiji for schoolies week and book through Sure Thing…. snorkelling, surfing, just relaxing and partying. This is the place that gave us the perfect schoolies holiday!

  • Parker


    My friend asked me recently how it was in Fiji, I say words cannot describe it , you have to come feel it for yourself…. It’s PARADISE! It’s freedeom!! Schoolies in Fiji

  • Georgina


    A little piece of Paradise, staff at Mango Bay resort are friendly. The food was delicious, rooms in excellent condition. The facilities available were great and I will def be back again. Thank-you for a great stay and also to Sure Thing for organising our schoolies trip 🙂

  • Kate


    Picture perfect. This place is so beautiful! Mango Bay Resort! Screw the rest hahaha Get the best

  • Gab


    Great for Schoolies Week. Very relaxing, lots of stuff to do for schoolies and plenty of activities that can be booked.

  • Declan


    I came to Mango bay resort for week 1 Schoolies. It was amazing! The resort itself was beautiful. Awesome pools, and the beautiful blue crystal clear waters surrounding, there is always something to do! FANTASTIC!! Worth the stay!

  • nina xx


    Love the Freedom with this one!

    It’s actually a real trip away where you can enjoy yourself in Fiji 🙂

    Going with the girls xx

  • Bryan


    Can’t wait for Sure Thing Schoolies! My 2 brothers went with you guys to Fiji and loved it!

  • Kayla


    This is on the mainland right??? I’m in 🙂

    I don’t want to be on a leash at one of those resorts where you can’t leave the island. I’ve been on a leash for long enough at school!!! I booked here for the freedom 🙂

    I’m gonna check out the fishing, round island tour, local culture, maybe look at the nightlife in town too

  • Paula


    Sure thing Travel was very helpful and booked everything we wanted to do with no hassels at all. Would love to go back!!

  • Jarrod


    Wow! Such an amazing, jam-packed trip. The activities were Epic. Thank you Sure Thing!!

  • Rotch


    Awesome!!! me and my friends are really excited to go to Fiji Schoolies to have some fun…party2x!!! ohhhh,can’t waitttttt 😉

  • Holden


    Loved the street-boys home. Thank you for an amazing Schoolies experience!

  • Morgan


    It was a great way to spend Schoolies and I would do it again – even as a female toolie if I had to lol. I would suggest going to Fiji over drinking at Schoolies any day! xx

  • Elizabeth


    FANTASTIC Schoolies! I had the best week! It will be something I will never forget. Me and the girls loved every second of it and my sister is going with her friends in 2014 with Sure thing schoolies. This is (FOR SURE) to place to go for schoolies in Fiji.. Mango Bay Resort.

  • Charlie


    The best experience of my life! The Sure Thing representatives were heaps of fun and made the schoolies party awesome. We also got to hit the clubs for the Schoolies events – For Schoolies only!! And got to see the Fiji mainland too, so we didn’t miss out on anything

  • Henry


    Made new friends and had an incredible time – awesome group of people… and the whole thing was run to perfection. It was that good that I can’t concentrate on uni now lol. I can’t say thank you enough. 😉

  • Noah


    The whole trip was so amazing. We were always laughing so our stomachs got sore! lol!! Thank you for everything. Sure Thing arranged the DJ every night for us for Schoolies

  • Tina


    The resort is fantastic! The staff are so welcoming and friendly and do everything possible to help you enjoy your stay. Thank you guyzz………. 😉

  • Troy


    Mango Bay’s night club had an interesting crowd, it’s fun!!!! i would strongly recommend.

  • Anny


    Me and my friends stayed at the resort for a week for schoolies party. Our overall experience was wonderful. The service is first class and so is the resort.

  • George


    We enjoyed so much the schoolies party and we met some wonderful people 🙂

  • Kiana


    We felt like belonging to the family when leaving…. 🙂

  • Leona


    We really enjoy exploring the local area and there is no schoolies curfew!….yay! great!<

  • Steph


    To make your caves trip that much more thrilling, jump on a jet ski tour! 😀

  • Timothy


    We enjoyed the Cave Tour,we go to the ancient lime stone caves that are situated inside a pretty little island in the Blue Lagoon region….so amazed…………… 😀

    • Clark


      Yeah,the cave is magnificent,light filters through, allowing you to look around in awe. If you’re up for a little adventure, we recommend you take the option to enter a secondary cavern. To get there you need to swim through an underwater tunnel. It’s all a little bit spooky but the guides will look after you and it is awesome! 🙂

  • Daisy


    Great Price – best schoolies prices in Fiji………..worth it!!!!!

  • Caith


    This was our first time in Fiji at the Mango Bay Resort, and we found exactly what we dreamed of “freedom to relax” where you can forget about shoes for the whole stay 😉

  • Shine


    A great stay, and worth coming back to! who’s coming with me?lol… 😉

  • Shelsa


    Fijian night clubs and Bars are great!! you can party and just relax whenever you want without having to catch a taxi back to your resort. 🙂 Cheers!

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