About Fiji Island

Fiji is known for it’s fun beach party atmosphere… Now you can enjoy it Alcohol-Permitted and Alcohol-Free option

A place where you can relax and soak in the sun during the day, and then take part in the awesome schoolies atmosphere at night!

Fiji is considered to be a safe alternative for schoolies week whilst still containing all the elements that makes schoolies week so memorable for those who are part of it every year!

Fiji Schoolies Packages from $1249 per person including flights!

Fiji Schoolies

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Fiji Islands Schoolies

For the genuine Fiji Islands Schoolies Experience… Make Sure it’s a Sure Thing! schoolies@surething.com.au

We love Fiji Island and know you will too, so contact us today and experience Schoolies in this unique paradise.

Fiji Schoolies
  • Matai Accreditation
  • Quality Approved
  • NSW Government Issued Travel License
  • TCF Participant and Contributor
  • Sure Thing Logo
  • Verified Schoolies Event

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