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Beachcomber-Island2Beachcomber Island is a venue that many Schoolies have had the pleasure of enjoying for their Schoolies trip.

Schoolies who go to Beachcomber Island are attracted to Fiji for obvious reasons – it’s a warm tropical nation with a carefree vibe and amazing beaches. Fiji is only a few hours by plane from Australia, making it a favourite, especially for year 12s from NSW, QLD and VIC.

There have been many choices for Fiji, Schoolies Beachcomber Island being an option that started some years ago. Beachcomber Island is not too far from the mainland (around an hour depending on how rough it is) so most people didn’t have to worry about getting seasick on the boat ride there.

At this point in time, Schoolies have moved on from Beachcomber Island (and have switched to other resorts) since the Schoolies event is no longer run there. Many Schoolies have also started to consider other options for Schoolies in Fiji, especially in the last few years when some new and exciting venues have emerged. The new Schoolies venues have attracted the Schoolies guests who enjoy the extra freedom of being on the mainland and enjoying more of what Fiji has to offer.

Beachcomber-IslandThe expansion in the number of resorts available in Fiji has been due to the request for Schoolies accommodation which has direct access to amazing beaches, nightlife, Schoolies parties as activities like Scuba, white water rafting, zip-line (flying fox rides), Shopping tours, and Cultural visits.

The Schoolies resorts which have been trending and rising in popularity in Fiji include Mango Bay Resort (full package from $1249 per person) and The Uprising Beach Resort Fiji (full package from $1599 per person). Due to the popularity of these Schoolies events, as well as large numbers of Schoolies attending, Sure Thing Schoolies has been able to get some amazingly good value rates for Schoolies in Fiji at 2 of the most recent Schoolies resorts in Fiji. In addition, Sure Thing Schoolies has kept Schoolies week packages in Fiji at 7 nights, despite some others being reduced to 6 nights if booked outside of Sure Thing Schoolies). Find out just how awesome Schoolies can be…

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